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New Product Development

New products are the key to keeping businesses relevant and sales trending up.  Ensuring product development costs are tracked from idea to finish good is imperative to pricing and profitability.

Make to Order

Manufacturing for a customer that is not profitable can put even the biggest companies out of business or can create some very unhappy shareholders.   Take product profitability to a higher level by accurately tracking all development costs.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul – MRO

MRO industry has its own unique set of challenges; inspection, quoting, selling parts, servicing, repair, manufacturing/re-manufacturing, core, serial number tracking, and more.

One Software, One Version of the Truth Ensures Project Accountability


Why Settle for Less?


Brian Adamik

Clients First did a great job of setting our expectations of things we could or couldn’t expect and things that would have to be worked out in the implementation process.  I found Clients First to be very honorable, they did what they said they would do and when they would do it

CEO, Ram Aircraft – Ram Aircraft, LP

Industry focus: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Wholesale Distribution, Manufactured Parts

Glen Doerksen

After our successful Houston implementation of Dynamics AX in 2006, Sulzer has since utilized Clients First for our other service facilities in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia and The Netherlands.  (40 plus locations in 11 countries to date)

VP of Operations – Sulzer

Industry focus: Turbine Maintenance

Ram Aircraft
Sulzer Testimonial

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