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MRO Software: Top MRO Tech Trends in 2015

According to aviation experts, the global Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) market will continue to grow in 2015. New tech advances will replace old technology at a fast pace, with significant implications for MRO companies. Here are the top five predictions expected to impact the MRO sector this year. Top Five Predictions: Maintenance “on-the-go” – […]

Reduce Shipping Costs with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Companies that ship goods domestically or internationally are bound to see increased shipping costs starting in 2015. This is in light of the new FedEx and UPS rules that now subject all goods to dimensional weight rules. In May, 2014, FedEx announced that starting January, 2015, all ground shipments will be subjected to dimensional (DIM) […]

6 Points To Consider When Searching For ETO Software

Anyone who has worked in the engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing sector long enough knows that regular enterprise software solutions require significant customization to meet the needs and demands of ETO manufacturers. Since most ERP systems aren’t specifically designed for project-oriented environments like ETO, but for traditional manufacturing, finding an ETO software solution able to meet unique […]

More Airlines Investing in MRO Software

Airlines are taking major steps forward in controlling how maintenance information is provided and tracked. Recent technological advancements in MRO software has led many airlines to invest in implementation. Airlines are looking for advanced IT solutions for maintenance planning, e-enabled aircraft, e-signatures and document management. As more airlines demand for specialist technology software, enterprise resource […]

MRO Software: The Rise and Role of Mobile Technology

With the increase in the number of aircraft in service, stringent regulatory frameworks, competitive profit margins and concerns for passenger safety, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is becoming a major market within the aviation industry. Aircraft are becoming more complex. Today, composite materials are used in the manufacture of engines and systems and there is […]

Cloud ERP The Key To Start Up’s Success

PMSNZ, an electronic component manufacturer based in New Zealand, has recently found itself in a situation that many start-ups will identify with: trying to develop and market new products, while there was no incoming revenue; keeping operating costs down; tracking capital from multiple investors; accurately reporting to investors; complying with customer-specific contractual agreements; and meeting […]

How To Schedule Reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

One of the most powerful features in NAV 2015 is report scheduling. The feature enables users to automatically run reports at any intervals. The report scheduler runs the report in the application’s server and produces information in form of PDF, Word of Excel. The report can also be accessed in the “Report Inbox” page that is at […]

Future of ERP: Looking Ahead To 2015

According to Gartner, ERP acquisitions will continue to rise in 2015. In fact, it seems that enterprise software, especially cloud deployment models, will become an engine of growth for the Information Technology sector. The ERP market is more dynamic than ever before, with an increasing number of Tier 2 solution providers competing for supremacy. Additionally, […]