Acumatica Foundation Edition

Acumatica understands that every business is different and has different needs, which is why they have decided to change the way they do things. There will no longer be a standard version of Acumatica because there is no one standard for what a business needs. From now on Acumatica will have 3 levels of functionality. The starting level is the Foundation Edition, Advanced Edition and for large companies, there is the Enterprise Edition.  If you are a small company the Foundation Edition is a great option for you over QuickBooks.  Using our Quick Turn Implementation (QTI) your business can get started on a robust ERP system under 11K.  

Included in Acumatica Foundation Edition:

Advanced Financials

Monitoring & Automation

1 Entity

5 Named Users

'Small' Resource Level

5GB SQL Server Storage

5GB Media Storage

Available Add-ons:

  • Advanced Distribution
  • Order Management
  • CRM
  • Portals
  • Fixed Assets
  • Additional Storage
  • Upgrade to 10 Users

What Kind of Companies Use it?

Acumatica Foundation Edition is ideal for start-ups or small companies with only a handful of people that need access. This edition is a solid foundation for any company used to use spreadsheets that are looking to increase business and collect data faster with more accuracy and in greater detail. 

Along with its eminence functionality, Acumatica also has great scalability for when your company grows. It's all about meeting customer needs and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Not only that but you can choose which deployment option your business. You can choose between public cloud (SAAS), private cloud, or on-premise and if that doesn't get you excited you are also free to change it at any time. Contact our team of experienced professionals to learn more about this powerful yet flexible solution. Call us at 800-331-8382 or email us at

Only Pay For What You Need, Nothing More!

The Foundation Edition SaaS pricing is turnkey and starts at $10,250. It can also come turnkey with the Distribution and/or CRM add-ons. Pricing is as seen below:

Foundation with Distribution

starts at $14,450
  • Multi-Warehouse/Warehouse Locations
  • Inventory Replenishment/Sub-items
  • Automated Packaging
  • Carrier Integration/User Defined Order Types
  • Allocations/Kit Assemblies
  • Physical Counts
  • Purchase Requisitions

Foundation with CRM & Distribution

starts at $20,000
  • Lead and Customer Tracking
  • Management of Business Opportunities and Cases
  • Contact Maintenance/Marketing Lists
  • Campaign Management
  • Integration with Sales Orders
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Email and Communications

Request a Demo

If you would like to see Acumatica Foundation Edition in action or if you just want to learn more about the product, just call us at 800-331-8382 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Acumatica Advanced Edition

Your company isn't really big or small. You weren't left out, this edition is for companies like yours.

Acumatica Enterprise Edition

If your a big business that needs big space for high volume, this is the Edition you need.